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Tarracofusion is an annual Tribal ATS® & Tribal Fusion festival, celebrated in Tarragona with the participation of several artists from different countries. The first edition was held on June 28, 2014 and since then it has been celebrated every year with the arrival of summer.

Tarracofusion was created by the dancers/teachers Mares and Helena Miau. One of its main purposes today is that anyone who appreciates art in motion and music as a way to bring intercultural union can enjoy it, by either attending the workshops, dancing or enjoying the show comfortably from his/her seat in the theater.

Like all projects, Tarracofusion has been evolving since its first edition in 2014. Maria and Helena, from Barcelona and Tarragona, met through dance in 2007 and began to share and exchange knowledge, life philosophies and experiences that led them to dance together, creating a nexus of union and complementarity that kept them in contact beyond distance when Maria (Mares) moved to Malta to expand her professional career. And that is how they began to come up with an annual tribal cultural exchange project between Malta and Tarragona students. The first year they organized tourist outings, some workshops and a show that they named “Tarracofusion”, and which would later give name to the whole festival.

From then onward, every year they continue innovating and improving, counting on the inestimable collaboration of great artists and icons who bring quality and magic through their invaluable workshops and inspiring harmonious performances that illustrate the different dance styles showcased at Tarracofusion.